Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds (FOI) provide grants to a wide variety of charitable endeavors, in a number of ways. Grants requests made to the Field of Interest Funds are reviewed by the Committee and if approved by the Committee the requests are reported to the Board with their recommendations.

The Grant Request Procedure is relatively simple, and we will supply to you the documentation that is required. You may contact the FOI directly, or send your request to Trust Counselors Network, Inc. It may be reviewed by several FOI, depending upon the nature of the request.

Committee members must abstain from voting on any grant requests for projects that they are supporting through a donor advised fund.

A Fight for The Cause

Lynne Carter

A Place in Time Foundation

Charlotte Metcalf

Advancing the Kingdom Ministries

Buck and Andrea Stephens

Bessie Mae Family Health Center

Founder: Esney M. Sharpe

Brooks Financial Group Community Foundation

Michael Brooks - Paul Brooks

Burt Family Foundation

Founder: Brian and Elizabeth Burt

Celebrate Foundation

Founder: Kelly Thomas

Ease Foundation

Susan Mills - Daniel P. Leary

Epic Journey Ministries

Founder: Barbara Ann German

First Fold Foundation Group

Founder: First Fold, Inc.

Foundation for Justice

Founder: Benjamin Kelsen